Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Summer shorts in autumn

My mom was browsing through the WWWW of last week and said that Lies always looked so cute, and that my outfits were never cute. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, I responded fiercely. I had been thinking about these cute polka dot shorts for quite a while, which means they have been vacating a spot in my bag (yes, I travel constantly between my hometown and Leuven) for a few weeks now. They are actually summer shorts - quite obviously - but I figured that in the soft autumn temperatures of the last few weeks they would also blossom. Hence, with the whole 'I can be cute too'-concept in the back of my head, I threw them on this weekend to have coffee with Lies. Which was actually boozed up coffee and good old wine, but coffee nevertheless. 

The jacket is one of my favorites of all time, it used to be from my mom when she was 16 or so and has been in my possession since I was 19 or something. And it keeps coming back for more, evidenced by the following anecdote. In the summer of 2007, I forgot the jacket on the train (insert dramatic tune). I remember getting out of the train and panicking over my worn-out leather jacket that was - sadly - still on the train. I called the train company, filled in a lost and found items form, but it seemed gone forever. I bought a new leather jacket and moved on, with pain in my heart over my lost love. Until eight months later, I got a call from the train company that they found my jacket! I hurried over there and indeed, it was mine! I have no idea where it's been those eight months, but leather jacket of mine, let's never part again! 
 Jacket: oldschool from my mom - scarf, shorts: H&M - Denim shirt: Zara - shoes: Pimkie - ring: made by my sis - bag: New Look - watch: Primark



Thank you!


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