Monday, August 6, 2012

Button, Baby

A few months ago, my sister Kathleen got a little bit obsessed with buttons. It all started with a dress with buttons she was not particularly fond of, and therefore she altered it by replacing the fugly buttons with new, golden buttons. And that was really the start of her buttonesque journey which she's still pursuing at the moment. Although we mock her a little bit when she's thrifting for buttons on flea markets or when she's sitting on the couch underneath a blanket surrounded by her boxes of buttons, I have to admit it is actually a pretty cool idea. Buttons can really spice up some garments that would otherwise be quite blah. For instance, my sister took a very standard, very H&M black cardigan and accessorized it with buttons of all sizes and all colors. 

But that really wasn't the end of it all, because after decorating clothes, she decided to create jewelry with buttons. Earrings, rings, hair pins... Ain't no stopping her! Let me just end with this, I am a big fan and I cannot wait to (finally) receive my first handmade button jewel. Hint: I am in love with the ring I'm wearing in the final picture. I did try to steal it away from my sister, but unfortunately I failed miserably. Sad. 

P.S.: The song 'Whistle Baby' got stuck in my head because of the title of this blog post. Damn you, Flo Rida! 

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  1. Oh ik ben ook gek van knopen en probeer ze ook op zo veel mogelijk manieren te 'verwerken' ;-) Leuk ideetje met dat marcelleke en dat vestje! :-)


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