Monday, December 3, 2012


A couple of months ago, one of my best friends, Eline, showed me this post about curvy girls proudly showing off their curves in bikini, fully self-aware and self-confident. That got me thinking: however times are changing in the fashion industry, and size zero models are slowly being replaced with well-fed girls, the old fashion ideal of skinny still lingers. We're still being flooded with an image stream of skinny bitches girls with everlasting long legs and, in my opinion, the curvy ladies get less attention (except for Beth Ditto). And it's the same case in the blogging world or 'blogosphere'. But are these skinny girls more confident than the curvy girls from the article? I think not, to be quite honest.

I thought that blogging intentionally started out as something to be a reaction against these perfect magazine girls of whom we've all been envious about, and to show the world that 'regular' girls or 'the girl next door' can also show of fashion. I'm REALLY worried when I stumble upon fashion blogs where I can easily see that they 'airbrushed' their skin (I'm not against photo-editing in general like altering contrasts etc.). I am perfectly aware of the fact that there DO exist girls with 'good genes' who just seem flawless without going to the gym three times a week but instead visit McDo equally as much. (The fact we call that 'good genes' maybe says enough already?) To me it seems it's only these 'perfect girls' that seem to get the big blogger attention and the curvy girls are out of the loop. Or is it just me or a distorted image of reality? I'm just saying how it feels for me, I'm not proclaiming to own the truth.

I'd love to hear what you guys think about this! Maybe I'm just being too short-sighted.

Anyhow, because Peaches & Peaches is so innovative and world-changing, we're going to feature our curvy friend Eline. She's one of my best friends and easily one of my best-dressed friends, never afraid to wear some color or to try out some statement jewelry. And above all: she's comfortable in what she's wearing and that's what fashion should be about: love it and love to wear it. Only exception is painful shoes, we all got 'em! And let's not kid ourselves: it's a lot easier to get dressed in the morning when you're not worrying about covering up all of your 'flaws', but instead embrace your looks!

Meet Eline!


  1. Leuk geschreven! Mijn mening: zolang je je maar goed voelt in je vel!

    1. Dat is zeker waar! Maar te vaak nog voelen mensen zich niet goed in hun vel omdat ze misschien een maatje meer hebben, of zelfs helemaal geen maatje meer hèbben maar gewoon het gevoel krijgen dat ze te dik zijn. I plee guilty! :D En da's ZO vermoeiend, we should all stop worrying!


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