Monday, August 27, 2012

Pukkelpop: The aftermath

After a week of recuperating sleep, eating healthy food and resting, the time is right to submerge again in the whole Pukkelpop experience and really indulge in those moments. Pukkelpop was, as always (minus the edition of 2011, of course), three days filled with beautiful nights, beautiful people and beautiful music as Dave Grohl put so aptly. For me, it was even an anniversary edition: It was my tenth Pukkelpop attendance and I of course celebrated this properly (read: by dancing and drinking, as one should at a festival).

Before leaving you with some snapshots of the festival, I would like to tell a little anecdote that is especially relevant for this blog. Remember how we explained in a DIY how to dip and dye your clothes? I dyed my shorts and decided to wear them to the Pukkelpop festival. Not a bad idea, one would think, and I even got random compliments from random people. At least for the time being, because obviously submerging your shorts in serious amounts of bleach, dyeing it afterwards, wearing it to a festival with dirt and throwing water all over it to cool down a bit (hello, 35° Celcius) was NOT a good idea. To keep the story short: I ripped my pants. Unintentionally that is. Luckily however, it wasn't too bad and I changed out of them in an instant. Nevertheless, keep that in mind when bleaching your clothes!

Pukkelpop was: La Vache Qui Rit cheese, beer, crazy festival dude (a legend, I tell ya!), Vans, arm candy, pretty lights, denim shorts, hats to keep one's brains safe from the sun, dip and dye hair, GREAT music, ...
Dear Pukkelpop, you are still in the running towards becoming my favourite festival.


  1. Haha ik heb Roger ook gespot op Pukkelop ;)

  2. Haha, zalige kerel! Hoewel hij me echt wel in een iets te intieme houdgreep/knuffel heeft genomen ;)


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