Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Pale Pink.

Actually, this could be the title of any of my WWWW's, I seem to wear a lot of pale pink. But what can I say? I love it! So I don't need to justify it, right?

I wore this outfit for my first days of work (summer job at L'exsellent in Lommel), as in: yesterday and the day before. Two days in a row?! OH NO WHAT A SHAME! Only's not. This outfit is super comfy and that's all what your first days of work should be about. There's enough stressing about all the new stuff you have the learn and all. So while picking up wrinkles of all that thinking, I want to be in a comfortable outfit.

So I've been working for two days now (actually only one and a half to be quite honest) and I'm already kind of exhausted. However, I did photograph a wedding on Saturday. It was my first and I really underestimated all of the work! At half past seven, I was already taking my first pictures of the bride to be at the hairdresser's, and around half past midnight I stepped in my car to drive home. That's seventeen hours of almost non-stop photographing. It was really fun though. As a photographer, you can sneak around all day trying to capture all the little things that usually go unnoticed. I love sneaking around! And nobody bothers you because're the photographer and you're allowed to sneak around! The luxury! But I'm getting of track, I was just explaining why I must be so tired now.

I love these skinnies I'm wearing. They're from ZARA and they are ab-so-lutely fantastic. I bought them four times, each in different colors. Skinnies tend to be not skinny enough (or does that just happen to me), but these fit perfectly. Everyone should own a black skinny jeans by the way. I love to combine black pants with more romantic shades, for instance this pale pink. The black toughens up the pink and the pink softens (the blow)* the black. The denim jacket finishes the look by saying "Yes, she's a chick you don't want to mess with". I also sometimes combine this look with my pale pink blazer you can see HERE. That might be too much of pale pink for the most of us, but not for me it isn't!.

Denim jacket, sneakers: H&M - Top: Forever21 - Skinnies: ZARA


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