Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Kurt Cobain

These weekly posts remind me of how fast time flies! It's Wednesday a-gain, wow!

But back to business. A couple of months ago already, I bought some new sunglasses from 80's Purple after I saw a blogpost on Fashionata (you can read that particular article HERE). I really LOVED those half-tint sunglasses so I decided to buy them myself. The black ones were already sold out so I was forced (yes, forced) to buy the white ones. But I don't mind, I love white accessories. And suddenly those sunglasses reminded me of this picture of Kurt Cobain, hence the title of this blogpost. I tried to mimic that picture but that turned out harder than expected, so I gave up. Sorry! It really was too ridiculous. 

I'm also wearing my new, and handmade, tie-dye jeans! I had never tie-dyed anything before, and I love how it turned out. Only downside: I used an old jegging which is actually a little too big for me now. When it comes out of the laundry it fits fine, but after half an hour it gets rather loose. Bummer!

My top is from H&M, I bought it two years ago and it still is one of my favorite items in my closet. I have, without exaggeration, worn it a million times and it carries a lot of happy memories. I think back then I called it my 'lucky blouse'. I love the fit, the pale pink color and how it sometimes unexpectedly falls over my shoulder. At first, I thought it wasn't going to last very long, because I feared things would get stuck in it and I would tear it. But up until now, that has never happened!

Sunglasses: 80's Purple - Blouse, jegging, sneakers: H&M 
Kurt Cobain


  1. Die half tinted sunnies zijn zo leuk! ik zoek er ook zulke maar geen idee waar ik ze kan vinden!

    Leuk topje ook!

  2. Ik vond ze op 80's Purple! Kan je misschien eens een kijkje nemen :)


Thank you!


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