Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We Wear: Indian Summer

Yes, summer finally hit us somewhere in August, followed by a lovely Indian summer that unfortunately slowly appears to be coming to an end. That immediately explains the silence - dead silence - up here on the blog. But while Lies is still enjoying her time in Japan, I am more than ready to kick it up a notch again! Although I really love summer in all its aspects, I have to say that I feel like fashion inspiration in summer doesn't really come around the corner that often. Or maybe that has mostly to do with the heat waves that hit us the past couple of months. On days like that I can only think about easy, breezy, simple outfits, which is more of the same thing each and every time. Not very interesting to look at. So although I absolutely hate summer coming to an end - Cali girl right here - I'm an optimist trying to find joys in the biggest tragedies and that tragedy right now is fall. Winter. Cold. The good part? Cool, interesting outfits, yihaa!

But until that moment, let's just enjoy the last few days of gorgeous weather in outfits like these. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

We Wear: Palm trees everywhere!

Seems only fitting to post a blog post with a palm tree overload as I'm leaving for a holiday as of tomorrow. For the moment, it's kind of destination unknown, although Bilbao and Zarautz will most cerrtainly be on the schedule. Adventure, here we come! 

As you may have guessed, this outfit wasn't shot in Belgium, where summer seems to go on and off on us. Nope, this is another one from Sevilla in Spain. Palmtrees and the best high waisted shorts I ever bought, in the history of EVER. Fact is I didn't even try them on, mostly because I hate fitting rooms to levels nobody knew existed. Perfect fit, while it was a complete bargain. Thank you, world!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We Wear: Pastel overload

Aahh, summertime and the living's easy. That's for sure the case when on a holiday in a beautiful city like Seville, Spain. And when it all comes together so nicely - when the houses and doors are a match made in heaven - the living just gets awesome. This skirt is such an old thing, but I keep it hanging in my closet since every year I reach for it at least a few times. This time I opted to edge up the style just a little by adding some bling and contrasting it with a black crop top. Sometimes you wanna be the sugarcoat cute girl, whereas on other occasions,  you wanna be a badass. And that, my dear friends, is a little thing called life. 

Our trip to Seville is already more than a month ago, but I still reminiscence about this stunning city. Definitely a recommendation if you're on the hunt for a city trip. I'm by the way so addicted: I just typed the previous sentence and with the word 'hunt', my mind strayed to lunch time at work aka Pokémon Go time! Yep, yours truly is also a fan, same as the rest of the world! 

PS: Those two cuties (or should I say weirdos) in the bottom pictures are my mom and my little sister.  Eternal love and sunshine for them. And with that very hippie-esque quote, I'm out.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

We Wear: Heisenberg in water sandals

T-shirt: Asos // Denim button-up skirt: H&M // Water sandals: New Look (old) // Sunnies: Quay via La Bottega

Another quick outfit! We actually had some sun last Sunday (pun intended) which was the perfect opportunity to wear this denim button-up skirt bare-legged. I threw in a white t-shirt, my new Quay sunnies and my beloved water sandals and I was good to go.  

I bought this t-shirt while I was binge-watching Breaking Bad last year and it has finally made its way to the blog. The weird print makes the simple combination of denim and white t-shirt less boring and obvious. The water sandals were an impulse buy gone terribly good two years ago. I bought them for Rock Herk because they forecasted a million degrees and I didn't have any proper shoes to deal with that. I actually feared these water sandals would ruin my feet but they turned out to be the most easy breezy footwear in my possession. This is the third summer I'm wearing them and they did break in two places (where the shoe bends while walking) but I'm not planning on getting rid of them yet! I have no idea why they didn't make it to the blog any sooner. 

Speaking of Rock Herk: it's almost that time of the year again! This weekend the centre of Herk-de-Stad will be filled with good music, cold beer and fun people and yours truly has been promoted to in-house photographer this year! #happydance So come say hi and I'll snap your picture! If I'm not too busy catching Pokémon. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We Wear: Kiss the boys and make them cry

Sweater: Zoe Karssen via La Bottega - Skinnies: Cheap Monday - Sneakers: Tango via La Bottega - 
Duffle bag: New Look via Zalando

Karolien isn't alone anymore as a proud owner of a Zoe Karssen sweatshirt. I jumped on that bandwagon as soon as it got discounted at La Bottega. The perks of working in a shoe / clothing store. The downside of working in a shoe / clothing store?! I photograph all of the new pieces for our webshop so I have a unique preview of what will be in store. And how much it may hurt my wallet. 

Anyway, I wore this outfit to attend a secret warm up GOOSE show at Café Café in Hasselt. Yeah, GOOSE! They played mainstage Werchter last Saturday and did a sort of try out in our local café and however I'm probably not the biggest fan around - and not even a fan of the genre in particular - it was one of the best things I have seen lately. The room literally EXPLODED with their very first tunes. I was blown away and in awe and I couldn't stop thinking we all were writing a little piece of Belpop history. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

We Wear: Mint tutu

Well, another blog post of mine has been long overdue. Remember last time I talked about leaving for my holiday to Seville? The holiday in itself was awesome, hanging out all day in good company (my sisters! my mom!) and with sunshine on our faces. I'll get into that soon enough as I've got a few blog posts lined up with some summer and city trip proof outfits! Everything is a bit delayed at the moment because my grandpa died just after we got back from our trip. It's been hectic and sad times, but I hope everything will now slowly fall back to its place, to have a little bit of room to breathe again. I'm just so thankful for all the great childhood and not-so-childhood memories we got to share.

Speaking of childhood memories, these pictures right here are probably what I dreamed about being a kid, desperately wanting to go to ballet class merely for the tutu. The circle appears to be round. 


Saturday, June 11, 2016

We Wear: Sweatpants

I'm wearing:
T-shirt: H&M (old)
Skinny jeans: H&M (old)
Sneakers: Tango via La Bottega
Duffle bag: New Look via Zalando
Sunglasses: Komono

No, I'm not writing a blog post about actual sweat pants. But as it was a million degrees when shooting this outfit, this title is appropriate. Belgian weather really is a challenge and it makes it really hard to dress accordingly. We've had an abundance of rain the past weeks, with flooded villages and closed down streets, with temperatures more applicable for fall. Followed by a sunny Sunday where we had to seek shelter in the shade and eat some icecream to actually cool down. We decided to grab some wine at the Wijnfeesten near the the beautiful castle of Duras. I chose a rather casual outfit but these skinny jeans really were to hot and my white sneakers got all muddy because the territory around the castle was still pretty soggy from all the rain. I saw women in dresses and heels fighting the mud and others in rain boots fighting the heat. I'm not sure which was the best option. It's this Belgian weather that just keeps you guessing.

I also cut my hair short and dyed it sort of purple. I'm over the high maintenance that goes along with blonde / platinum hair and all that bleach hasn't been really nice for my long locks. I can't wait to have a long pony tail again though... 

The issue with the not so crisp pictures has not yet been resolved as you may have noticed... I bought a new lens (Sigma Art 35mm 1.4) and everytime I export these pictures in Lightroom like I do my others, the quality and sharpness disappears. When I don't resize them they are ok but when I upload them and let blogger resize them via picture size the same thing happens. Anyone any idea? 


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